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Bits-ads is a ads networks . Add Bits-ads to your website in 2 minutes and make money easy.

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1000 views = 0.4$

Payment methods Bitcoin and
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What is bits-ads?

Bits-ads is a ads networks.

Add Bits-ads to your site in one <script> tag. Your users, Your users views ad banners to your website, then you will start earn money with impression your traffic.

Make money CPM

Monetizing your site with Bits-ads is free. we will paid you every 1000 impression.

Your earnings are paid out via Bitcoin or Bitcoin.

Bits-ads is for Publicher

Bits-ads supercharges your website's performance and never impacts the user experience. Ever.

Bits-ads uses only a small portion to add ads banner

How does Bits-ads work?

The publisher registers their site in our system, our system displays banner ads on the publisher's site, the publisher gets money for every thousand impressions

What Bits-ads Does Do
Generates revenue for impression
Supercharges website performance
Our site is distinguished from other advertising companies by maximizing the number of views of your site
What Bits-ads Does Not Do
Our ad does not disturb visitors
Require users to change, download, or install anything
Capture, or sell personal information
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